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Dr. Katz travels to campuses, community centers, groups, churches, mosques, and synagogues, activist and faith networks, and anywhere people are interested in learning the remarkable untold history of joint nonviolent initiatives by Israelis and Palestinians. The event can include a slide show and music of the joint initiatives.  Katz encourages those who invite her to consider honoring the work of Palestinians and Israelis by co-sponsoring her talk with others who seldom have the chance to sit together. The event can include the means to foster dialogue among those who attend by drawing on some of the tools that Palestinians and Israelis use to communicate on tough issues, and turn discussion from a potential battlefield into fertile ground for increasing respect, compassion, and learning.  

It is also possible to create a meditation event that uses the practice of mindfulness to approach this complex topic of Palestinian-Israeli relations in fresh ways. Participants can open to new information and re-examine their own reactivity, beliefs, and  mental constructs that lead to inspiration or despair, confusion or clarity, and actions that help or harm. What does it mean to be an ally to both peoples? How can meditation practice help address injustice, bear painful emotions, and take fresh action for a better future for Palestinians and Israelis? How do we support each other in this process of awakening?