Here is a list of 250+ websites of Palestinian-Israeli JNVI in alphabetical order. They are part of the 500+ JNVI that appear in chronological order in Connecting with the Enemy. Sources for the other 250+ JNVI are in print materials cited in the notes of the book. 

For further reference, the book has an appendix of 500+ JNVI listed by categories including: arts (visual, theater, film, music, culinary), civil society (human rights and democracy), communications (print, web, technology, radio, journalism), community activism, dialogue, economy and business, educational activism and research, political activism, political meetings (proposals, leaders, parties, policy), religious activism, science (environment, medicine, health, mental health), sports and physical activism, women’s activism, and youth activism.


Abraham Fund Initiatives

Adalah: Legal Center for Minority Rights in Israel

Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace

Aix Group

Alei Hazayit

Alliance for Middle East Peace

All For Peace Radio

All Nations Café

Al-Qasemi College

Al-Quds Association for Democracy and Dialogue

Al-Tafula Pedagogical Center

Al-Watan Center

Antarctic Journey, Breaking the Ice,

Arab Association for Human Rights

Arab Bone Marrow Registry

Arabic-Hebrew Study Center

Arab-Jewish Center for Equality, Empowerment and Cooperation and the Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development AJEEC-NISPED

Arab-Jewish Community Center of Jaffa.

Arab-Jewish-Arab Youth Orchestra

Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (133)

AREEN/Future Vision

Arik Institute for Reconciliation, Tolerance, and Peace

“Artists without Walls” Open Society Archives

Association for Civil Rights in Israel

Aswat: Palestinian Lesbian Women


Bar Ilan University Intercultural Dialogue

Bat Shalomארגון-1/?lang=en

Beit Arabiya Peace Center, ICAHD,

Beit Hagefen

Bereaved Families Forum, see Parents Circle Family Forum

Beresheet Lashalom Foundation

Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans

Beyond Words

Bimkom: Planners for Planning Rights

Bitterlemons (online journal)

The Bridge

Bridges (magazine)

Bridge Over the Wadi, Hand in Hand

B’Tselem (Israeli Information Center for Human Rights)

Budo for Peace

Building Bridges for Peace (also see Seeking Common Ground)



CARE (Center for Applied Research and Education

Center for Creativity in Education and Cultural Heritage

Center for Democracy and Community Development

Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development

Chefs for Peace

“Circlework in Israel,” The Institute for Circlework

The Citizens Accord Forum: between Jews and Arabs in Israel

“Citizens for the Environment in the Galilee,” Israel’s Environmental Organizations 2011

“Clore Neighborhood Center: Arab-Jewish Coexistence,” Leo Baeck

Coalition of Women for Peace

Combatants for Peace,

Committee against War in Lebanon

Committee for a Just Peace,

Committee for Solidarity with Birzeit University

Community Histories by Youth in the Middle East, International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life, Brandeis University

The Compassionate Listening Project

200 Dai Lakibush


Daughters for Life,

Democratic Front for Peace and Equality,

Democratic Women’s Movement (TANDI)תנדי-תנועת-נשים-דמוקרטיות-בישראל/?lang=en

Djanogly Visual Arts Center

Dugrinet (online newspaper)

Du-Kium: Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality


Economic Cooperation Foundation

Ein Bustan: Sowing Seeds of Hope and Peace

Ein Dor Archeological Museum,” Museums Connect

Ein Yael Living Museum


Frames of Reality,” Peres Center for Peace

Friends of the Earth Middle East.

Friendship Village: International Educational Center for Peace and Human Rights in a Multicultural Society

Future Generation Hands Association


Galilee Foundation for Value Education, see Makom ba-Galil

Galilee Multicultural Theater

Galilee Society

Gaza Community Mental Health Program

Geneva Initiative (aka Geneva Accord)

Gisha, Legal Center for Freedom of Movement

Givat Haviva

Good Water Neighbors

Green Action


Hagar: Jewish-Arab Education For Equality

Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel

Al-Haq: Defending Human Rights in Palestine, Web, 21May 2015

Harduf-Shefaram Theater Track

Harvard Negotiation Project


Heart of the Matter Project, see Save a Child’s Heart

“Hello Peace,” Parents Circle-Family Forum
Hope Flowers School, Bethlehem

"House of Hope International Peace Center," Middle East Project

Humans without Borders: Assisting Medical Accessibility


Interfaith Encounter Association

International Conference on Education for Peace and Democracy

International Peace and Cooperation Center

Inter-religious Coordinating Committee in Israel

Interns for Peace

Ir-Amim: For an Equitable and Stable Jerusalem

Isha L'Isha Haifa Feminist Center.

Israel Association for the Advancement of Women’s Health

Israel Economic Cooperation Forum, see Economic Forum

"Israel-Palestine Center for the Environment." Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information

Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, ICAHD

Israeli Committee Against Torture, see Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (aka Israeli

Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce

Israeli-Palestinian Media Forum

Israeli-Palestinian Negotiating Partners, Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School,

Israeli-Palestinian Science Organization

Issam Sartawi Center for the Advancement of Peace and Democracy, Al-Quds University


Jasmine Project

Jerusalem Center for Jewish-Christian Relations

Jerusalem Center for Women.

Jerusalem Foundation

Jerusalem Intercultural Center

Jerusalem International YMCA

Jerusalem Link

Jerusalem Peacemakers

Jerusalem Women’s Association

The Jewish-Arab Center, Haifa University
The Jewish-Arab Center Woolfson neighborhood, Acre

Jewish Arab Ensemble

Just Vision


Kav LaOved Workers Hotline

Kav Mashve Equal Opportunity Initiative

Kayan Feminist Organization


Language as a Cultural Bridge

Leo Baeck Center

Library on Wheels for Nonviolence and Peace



Machsom Watch

Madre, see Midwives for Peace


“Makom ba-Galil,” Galilee Foundation for Value Education

Markaz al-Quds la-Nissah, see Jerusalem Center for Women

Medicine and Health Care, Peres Center

Merchavim: Institute for the Advancement of Shared Citizenship in Israel

Middle East Abrahamic Forum

Middle East Education through Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy

Middle Way: Compassionate Engagement in Society

Midwives for Peace: Palestine: Madre


Museum on the Seam

Muwatin: The Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy



Nablus Youth Federation

Negev Arab Businessmen’s Forum

Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality, see Du-Kium

Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development (NISPED)

Neighbors for Joint Development in the Galilee

NELED: Women for Coexistenceנלד/?lang=en


Neve Shalom/ Wahat al-Salam

New Israel Fund

The Nir School of the Heart

Nitzanei Shalom/Bara’am al-Salaam, see Interns for Peace

Nonviolent Communication


Oasis of Peace, see Neve Shalom/ Whahat al-Salam

One Voice Movement

Open House

Other Voice


Palestine Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation.

The Palestine Investment Fund,

Palestine-Israel Journal

Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs, see PASSIA

Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy

Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research

Palestinian Center for Research and Dialogue

Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution

Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy

Palestinian Center for Rapprochement

Palestinian Civic Forum Institute

Palestinian House of Friendship

Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy, see Muwatin

Palestinian International Peace and Cooperation Center

Palestinian Youth Forum for Cooperation

Panorama: Palestinian Center for the Dissemination of Democracy and Community

PASSIA: Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs

Parents Circle Family Forum

Peace Child

Peace Computer Centers

Peace Democracy Forum

Peace Oil

Peace NGO Forum

Peace Players International

Peres Center Agricultural Projects

The Peres Center for Peace

Pieces for Peace

Policing in a Divided Society
PRIME (Peace Research Institute in the Middle East)

Project Harmony

Public Committee Against Torture in Israel


Rabbis for Human Rights

Reshet: Israel Women’s Peace Network

Return to Haifa (play)



SAHA an Israeli Fair Trade Revolution

Safed College Ethnic Music Academy, Jewish Arab Orchestra

Save a Child’s Heart

School for Peace

Science Training Encouraging Peace (STEP)

Seas of Peace

Seeds of Peace

Seeds of Bliss

Seeking Common Ground: Building Bridges for Peace

Seruv: The Courage to Refuse
Sha’ar LaAdam, Bab Lilinsan!home/c19ig

SHANI: Israeli Women against the Occupation

Sharhabil Bin Hassneh Eco Park
Sharikat Haya Arab Women’s Employment Initiative



Sikkuy: the Association for Civic Equality,

Sindyanna of the Galilee, Fair Trade Fair Peace

Six Actors in Search of a Plot

Sixty Years, Sixty Voice s: Israeli and Palestinian Women (book)

Social Workers for Peace and Welfare (Ossim Shalom)

Soccer for Peace

Sulha Peace Project


Tacayush: Arab-Jewish Partnership

Al-Tafula and Shatil, New Israel Fund



Teatro Arcobaleno Rainbow Theater

Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace



Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery

United Religions Initiative Middle East and North Africa, (URI-MENA)


Van Leer Institute

Voice of Peace Choir Arab-Jewish Community Center of Jaffa,


Walter Lebach Institute for Jewish-Arab Coexistence through Education,” Tel Aviv University,

West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

Wi’am: Palestinian Conflict Resolution and Transformation

Windows: Channels for Communication.

Women Demand Mobility

Women in Black

Women’s Organization for Political Prisoners


Ya Salam

Yesh Din

Yesh Gavul

Young Entrepreneurs of Palestine

Young Israel Forum for Cooperation

Young People against Racism


Zaytun Farmers Cooperative


FILMS highlighting JNVI

Crossing the Lines (documentary)

Encounter Point (documentary)

Knowledge Is the Beginning (Eduard Said and Daniel Barenboim)

Lemon Tree

My So-Called Enemy

Paradise Now


Refusing to Be Enemies

Waltz with Bashir

West Bank Story